Electronic component supplies

If you are faced with the task of purchasing a large list of components from a minimum number of suppliers, while meeting the required delivery time, not exceeding the estimate and receiving favorable credit conditions, please contact us.

Send us a list of components to sales@elcom-express.com right now and get an advantageous offer from us for a comprehensive supply of components in the shortest possible time!

Statistics of the last 5 years show that 85% of the list of components from several hundred items is processed within 4 working days. Sending us a list of components and receiving an offer from us does not oblige you to do anything.

Our competitive advantages in the field of integrated supply of components are based on:

– direct agreements with manufacturers;
– official partnerships with global world distributors;
– debugged logistics routes;
– flexible financial policy;
– many years of experience in working with tenders, the possibility of prompt registration of bank guarantees;
– availability of certificates and licenses of state bodies and departments.

More information on the website: elcom-express.com