It outsourcing

It аутсорсинг

E-synergo OY creates and maintains digital solutions for various business problems.
-Site development
-Online shops
-B2B portals
-Big Data
Our specialists have extensive experience in the development of high-load systems and architecture of web applications and mobile applications.
Experience with cloud systems: AWS, Heroku.
– JavaScript (ES6), PHP (5.6, 7)
– Using Node / PHP frameworks (Express, Koa, Laravel, Slim, CodeIgniter).
– Front-end development: React, Vue.js.
– Mobile Development: React Native, Ionic Framework
– Experience in asynchronous programming.
– Writing unit tests (Mocha, Chai, Sinon).
– Knowledge of algorithms, design patterns.
– Using package managers (Npm, Yarn, Composer), package systems (Webpack, Gulp)
– Database design.
– Working with caching systems (Memcached, Redis).
– Working with version control systems (git, mercurial)
– Search engines (Elasticsearch, Solr)
– Logging systems (ELK)
– Docker, Vagrant
– Integration, writing your own API services. (Rest, Graphql)
– Code deployment (Jenkins. CicrcleCI)

Years of experience allow us not only to create websites tailored to your task, but also to offer solutions and improvements that will make your product as effective as possible.
We are constantly striving to improve our skills, technology, maintain best practices and optimize processes to achieve the best possible result.
We are always open to new, interesting and challenging tasks, contact us right now, and we will prove that a small team of professionals with streamlined processes is able to take on any technological challenge, turning it into a quality product.