EDT develops replacement modules for Mitsubishi TFT LCD modules

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Emerging Display Technologies Corp. | ETML121000DHA | 1280 x 800 LVDS-TFT

Manhattan Skyline has announced that Emerging Display Technologies (EDT) will release TFT LCDs to replace those discontinued by Mitsubishi Electric. The Japanese company announced in June 2020 that it will no longer produce small and medium sized TFT LCD modules, used for industrial and automotive applications.

Taiwanese manufacturer, EDT, has grown from a monochrome display manufacturer, to provide a portfolio of colour TFT displays, offering capacitive touch models, touchscreen displays, touch panels and cover lenses.

It has developed a series of display modules aimed as compatible replacements, with the same size, resolution and mechanical outline structure. Initially, the company offers 8.4-inch (ET084030DVA), 10.4-inch (ET104030DSA) and 12.1-inch (ET121030DVA) modules, all with 1024 x 768 resolution. More options will be added, says the company.


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