Long-life USB Type-C 3.1 plug for product testing has no-scratch nose

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“USB-C has been growing in popularity for charging and data transfer in portable devices, due to its compact size and strong performance,” said company marketing manager Andries de Bruin.

The part is called XP2U, and durability is >200,000 insertion cycles. “Exceptionally long service life is based on the application of electroforming contacts with high spring characteristics which are made of high hardness materials,” according to the company.

To reduce wear and tear and product damage in cased of slight misalignment, the plug projection can flex ~1° around two axes, and coil springs cushion the connection. Then, to smooth operation and reduce insertion force – is it said to be less than one-fifth that of a standard USB-C cable – no retention features are implemented. Another feature intended to lower the chances of accidental damage to units-under-test is an anti-scratch resin inset instead of metal on the leading edges of the plug.

Rated voltage is 20V ac or dc, and rated current depends on the pin location:

  • 1.25A
    A1, A4, A9, A12
    B1, B4, B9, B12
  • 250mA
    A2, A3, A5-8, A10, A11
    B2, B3, B5-8, B10, B11

Operation is over 5 – 40°C and 5 – 85% relative humidity.


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