TrustedObjects security for LoRaWAN validated on STM32WLE5 series

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Trusted Objects TO-Protect LoRaWAN, a security product for LoRaWAN nodes, is now validated on STMicroelectronics STM32WLE5 series.

TO-Protect has been ported on the STM32WLE5 series.

This TO-Protect LoRaWAN integration provides IoT developers with a way to assure  security robustness of their LoRaWAN platform based on STM32WLE5 without adding complexity.

TO-Protect LoRaWAN solution provides:

• Secure implementation of cryptography and security protocol (authentication, integrity, encryption & decryption applicative data),

• Secure LoRaWAN frame assembly and disassembly with secure frame counter management,

• Secure storage for keys and counters,

while remaining compatible with the standard LoRaWAN software stack.

The solution implements secure element functionalities with state-of-the art software countermeasures against the most advanced physical attacks on LoRaWAN nodes, including side channel attacks and fault injection.


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